Band of the Day (9.28.10) Mystery Jets

28 Sep

BOD: (9.28.10) Mystery Jets

It’s a miracle or a damn shame that British bands don’t break in the US. So many labels try, but the mainstream American ear is primed for processed drivel. It’s people like Arizona Turk me and our faithful listeners who understand, support and evangelize their favorite Brit rockers. I told the stories about Doves, Travis, etc. etc. etc. etc. but for God’s sake, someone please take Mystery Jets and make them big. They have 45,000 followers on Facebook, three albums and that’s not enough. They need a TV show, a big movie, an iPhone ad, a VW campaign, something. I put Mystery Jets in the UK files as “Yet Another Fantastic Example Of Sunken Atlantic Treasures.” Maybe it’s the trek across the Atlantic, but never-the-less, here is some good old fashion afternoon listening.

Mystery Jets, stormed onto the scene in 2006 from Eel Pie Island. Yes this is a real place, a tiny island on the river Thames and it was a musical haven in the 60’s. In 2010 they introduced Serotonin, their third record, and it’s good. They bring big, rock pop sounds that are complex but don’t suffer from any Northwest echoed vocals. It’s what you expect from a big bad British rock band. It’s heartfelt, and it gets right to the point. It’s synthesized with clap machines and 70’s glam riffs but it quickly delivers Rush type vocals with simple clean British guitar riffs. The 80’s synth is an accompaniment, not a detriment. I say they’re one part The Coral, a dot of Travis, a sprinkle of The Killers, frosted with Geddy Lee vocals. By the way, Mystery Jets have more Facebook followers than Geddy Lee. Go figure.

“Melt” – My favorite track from the new record

Kapil Trivedi
William Rees
Kai Fish
Blaine Harrison
Henry Harrison


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