Band of the Day (10.4.10) Meursault

4 Oct

BOD: (10.4.10) Meursault

Ahhhh the Scottish love fest continues for Meursault. But it’s time we take this to the US. If you didn’t know it, Meursault is a big deal in Scotland and in the UK. Their first album came out in 2008 and it was considered one of the greatest things sliced Dundee cake. Their Gaelic folk sounds are severely Scottish, but their composition is very modern. I listen to them and I hear bits and pieces of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, but I also hear pure Scottish harmonies. They’re a beautiful band and one that should sit on your mantle for many many years. Their second record was released a few weeks back and it doesn’t disappoint. All Creatures Will Make Merry is ripe with mandolins, acoustic harmonies and layers of vocals. Songs like “Another” are pure, simple folk tunes with layers of sound. The most surprising thing is how they blend the folk, with Animal Collective electronics, layered pianos, echoed vocals with the same purity of their acoustic sounds. I truly love this band and I know you will too.

Neil Pennycook began performing with friends from his hometown of Penicuik in early 2008. Their first record was released in the same year, then re-released by the label with a few marketing buck in 2009. The album made #16 for Scottish Album of the Decade.

Hear: Two tracks that show their diversity

Acoustic Folk

Electronic Heavy Folk
“Crank Resolutions”

Neil Pennycook
Fraser Calder
Chris Bryant
Calum MacLeod
Phillip Quirie
Pete Harvey
Gavin Tarling


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