Band of the Day (9.30.10) Sambassadeur

30 Sep

BOD: (9.30.10) Sambassadeur

I’m in a female vocalist mood this week. Stumbled on three very good bands led by females this week. Sambassadeur are a Swedish pop band formed in 2003 in Gothenburg actually in Skövde, a much smaller town in Sweden. Anna Persson has a silky voice with a twinge of attitude. The band are signed to the Labrador label, releasing three studio records. Their third album, European, was released in February 2010. I think I’ll call them The Younger Sibling of The Cardigans with a flair for the Metric, Emily Haines dramatics. Best description I have. “Albatross” is a great track and makes the album download worth the listen.


Download —>Sambassadeur – “Albatross”

Band Members:
Anna Persson, Daniel Permbo, Joachim Läckberg, Daniel Tolergård

Band site

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