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Band of the Day (6.22.11) The Dø

22 Jun

One of our new faves are The Dø

Band of the Day (6.22.11) The Dø

Amazingly enough bands these days bands still have that raw association with The Beatles. The goofy British humor, the lightly distorted guitars, the eco-sounds of trains and cars all make The Dø much like The Beatles. They claim to be a folk/pop band that formed in 2007. The members hail from Paris, France and Helsinki, Finland and the music plays with hip-hop, eco-sounds, classical and a little goofiness similar to Architecture in Helsinki. Think MIA with one part Beatles, one part Bjork and a whole heck of lot of CocoRosie. The band’s debut record was called A Mouthful and was released within Europe in 2008 and was released in the US last April. The new record “Both Way Open Jaws” just hit the streets and

Don’t forget on July 1st…look for “The Best of 2011…So Far” and the secret link to our “Giving you the Bird Vol. 1 Playslist” to celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Hometown: Paris, FR and Helsinki, Finland
Members: Dan Levy and Olivia B. Merilahtin
Sonic Soulmates: The Cardigans, Blonde Redhead, Bjork, The Fiery Furnaces and CocoRosie
“Smash Them All (Night Visitors)” –

“Too Insistent”

Official — Listen to the entire album here!

Band of the Day (9.30.10) Sambassadeur

30 Sep

BOD: (9.30.10) Sambassadeur

I’m in a female vocalist mood this week. Stumbled on three very good bands led by females this week. Sambassadeur are a Swedish pop band formed in 2003 in Gothenburg actually in Skövde, a much smaller town in Sweden. Anna Persson has a silky voice with a twinge of attitude. The band are signed to the Labrador label, releasing three studio records. Their third album, European, was released in February 2010. I think I’ll call them The Younger Sibling of The Cardigans with a flair for the Metric, Emily Haines dramatics. Best description I have. “Albatross” is a great track and makes the album download worth the listen.


Download —>Sambassadeur – “Albatross”

Band Members:
Anna Persson, Daniel Permbo, Joachim Läckberg, Daniel Tolergård

Band site