Band of the Day 2.16.11 – Heidi Spencer and The Rare Birds

16 Feb

Band of the Day 2.16.11 – Heidi Spencer and The Rare Birds

Heidi Spencer is a singer-songwriter from Milwaukee, WI who’s quietly toured and recorded for years on her own dime. She’s lived in 12 states, traveled the states, world and even had a Jewel-type stint, where her car became her home. Finally, finally the restless maiden gets her shot in the Bigs with Bella Union (the label is home Fleet Foxes, Midlake and Beach House and more). The well-paced indie folk twang accompanies her school-girl with an edge voice. “Alibi”, the opening single, sends you right down the Lucinda Williams path. I find some moments she’s sounding a lot like Emmy-Lou Harris, then she falls back into a somber slide guitar tone, that has less hope and more pain…Lucinda Williamsesque. It’s heavy stuff and it’s really good. Give this minstrel a whirl.

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Members: Heidi Spencer- vocals&acoustic guitar, Bill Curtis- drums, Jesse Hrobar- piano, Dave Gelting- contabass, Renee Hendrix- harmony, Matt Hendricks- guitar
Sonic Soulmates: Joanna Newsom, Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch
Must Hear Tracks:


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