Band of the Day (2.18.11) Cinemascopes

18 Feb

Cinemascopes bring it with garage style rock

Band of the Day (2.18.11) Cinemascopes

Today is the day….the day my fine feathered friends dropped a little treat onto my hard drive. New Radio”F$%*ing”head…. what do I think??? Well as the Arizona Turk pointed out at 5am this great morning, “They had two years to produce something and it sounds rushed” well it’s first listen and we’ll have more to say after a day of it with headphones. “Little By Little” is a rad as is “Codex” let the debate start. Is this album speaking about the “Death of the Dictator” ???? Listen and learn.

What was next to my Radiohead treat…? Cinemascopes! Brighton garage rockers with a flare for wailing guitars and synth craziness. But then you get to track 4 of the EP and it’s there, the brilliance of the band. I’m hooked badly on this track. It’s called “Lost Children” with a sense of great early Snow Patrol, Bloc Party basslines and just good rock drum and guitar. You be the judge of Leon Morgan, Milo Boyd, Owen Thomas and Steffan Eliades 3 tracks. The new self-titled EP is FREE here!!!

Hometown: Brighton, UK
Members: Leon Morgan, Milo Boyd, Owen Thomas and Steffan Eliades
Sonic Soulmates: Thievery Corporation, Snow Patrol, Bloc Part, Thurston Moore led Sonic Youth, Neu
Must Hear Tracks:
“Lost Children” MP3 –>Cinemascopes Lost Children

“Battle Axe”



2 Responses to “Band of the Day (2.18.11) Cinemascopes”

  1. Steffan February 18, 2011 at 12:53 PM #

    Thanks for the great review, We will be in the studio recording new tracks soon. watch this space.



  2. Matt February 24, 2011 at 9:57 AM #

    I saw these guys recently in Brighton supporting The Phoenix Foundation. They were awsome! The EP sounds great but you need to see them live.

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