Band of the Day (2.21.11) We Made God

21 Feb

Iceland produced this chilly rendition of the Deftones

Band of the Day (2.21.11) We Made God

This high throttle Icelandic rock monster takes the best of 90’s Deftones and sprinkles in some Sigur Rós to tease you, then crushes your sole with are you missing a word here?. The band was honored in 2008 as the Must Hear band of the year with it’s debut As We Sleep. Since then, the band has toured and created a second record, It’s Getting Colder, that takes you on a new adventure. The album was released on 1/21/11 and is an epic journey for these boys. Their tortured Icelandic souls are on display as they lure you in with English lyrics and a musical flair for the Deftones. If you loved White Pony, then you’ll love the mastery of We Made God on this record. It’s the closest comparison I can find, but it suits them well. At times the band can be incredibly terrifying, but they make good when they turn up the throttle
and crush it.

Hometown: Kópavogur and Hafnafjörður, Iceland
Sonic Soulmates: Explosions in the Sky, Stabbing Westward, Sigur Ros, Deftones
Must Hear Tracks:

“The Start is a Finish Line”

Official Site

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