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Band of the Day (1.11.11) Wolf People

11 Jan

Be prepared for some rock from Wolf People

Band of the Day (1.11.10) Wolf People

I miss metal. I miss hard rock. I miss it all. I’ve admitted to my hessian days, my obsession with Maiden, Slayer, Danzig, etc. I’ve grown up but what I appreciate the most is the more jammy metal. Not Phish, but jam hard rock like our 2010 Hummingbird Faves Tame Impala or Dungen. It’s just timeless music that transcends all of it. Zeppelin long-term standing Sabbath’s recent hipster revival all stems from the fact that it’s just good music. Good music rises and rarely falls. The derivative does. So when you look at trail-blazers like Sabbath you find one quality that stamps them as “legend” great musicianship. Iommi plays guitar very well, Ozzy can belt it, etc. Wolf People may be that bands that carries the torch for 2011. 2011 is shaping up to be the ROCK HEAVEN. Where Tame Impala road the Swedish coat-tails of Dungen, I think Wolf People may be riding a whole new sound. Fine they use a flute on some tracks, Jethro Tull would argue they ripped them off, but where The Tull goes all renaissance fair, Wolf People stays put and really keeps the mood rock going. I’m obsessed with them. I liked Black Mountain and The Sword, but I love Wolf People. Just give em a try and I’ll bet you kick up the volume to 11. They’re brilliant. The new album Steeple was recorded in a converted barn studio in a 17th century Welsh mansion. They stayed in the servants quarters and recorded the album in the barn to create a sound that is so earthy and vibrant.

Hometown: Bedford/London/North Yorkshire, Midlands, UK
Members: Jack Sharp (vocals/guitar); Joe Hollick (guitar); Dan Davies (bass) and Tom Watt (guitar)
Sonic Soulmates: Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Dungen, Tame Impala, Kyuss
Must Hear Tracks:

“Morning Born” – Jack Sharp shows us his chops here. Hollick just plugs it in and destroys the guitar on this track. It’s smooth and has a great vibe. At about 1:45 it just kicks ass.

“Tiny Circle” – Jethro Tull for the new millenium

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