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Best New Bands of 2013 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #6: Autre Ne Veut

25 Dec
#6 Home stretch Hummingbird Autre Ne Veut. Lovely electro-clash record

#6 Home stretch Hummingbird Autre Ne Veut. Lovely electro-clash record

Best New Bands of 2013 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD #6: Autre Ne Veut

On Christmas we cracked open a bottle of brandy and debated the fine art of electro-clash on today’s music scene. It’s been here since the early 2000’s, when we were introduced to Moving Units, Bloc Party, etc, but I think we all generally agreed that 2013 was the year where it went from being a club remix to the mainstream. Some artist’s perfected it our #6 Best New Band of 2013, Autre Ne Veut. This wasn’t his first record, crap he’s been around for awhile, 2010 as a band. I liken this record and band to some of of our recent faves like Ariel Pink with a sprinkle of Yeasayer enthusiasm. Autre Ne Veut is french for “I think of no other” and we can’t think of another band that has self expression nailed to a tee like they do in 2013.
Don’t be surprised if Autre Ne Veut busts through with a Katy Perry track…not joking.

Founded: 2010
Hometown: New York
Members: Arthur Ashin
Sonic Soulmates™: Prince, Ariel Pink, Yeasayer, Divine Fits & Drake (yep Drake)
Trackables™: Anxiety
Listen to “Counting” & “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”

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Best New Bands of 2011 HUMMINGBIRD AWARD: #6 Widowspeak

15 Dec

I haven't been this in love since last week. WIdowspeak soothes my soul. So deserving of the Hummingbird

Best New Band of 2011
#6 Hummingbird Award – Widowspeak

Ahhh the Spectorian sounds of 2011 all started back in January or maybe it was the hangover from 2010. Tennis, Cloud Nothings, etc. all slammed us with the airy 60’s pop female led bands. Our favorite and our fan favorite was Widowspeak. No band got more attention on NBD this year than Widowspeak. Why? A. They’re good. B. They had a new record hit mid-year and C. Molly crushes the vocals. This three time zone trio is a treat and we hope you find them Top 10 worthy on your list.

Hometown: Chicago, IL or Tacoma, WA or Brooklyn, NY
Members: Molly Hamilton, Michael Stasiak, Robert Thomas
Sonic Soulmates™: Cloud Nothings, Eternal Summers, Mazzy Star

“Harsh Realm”



Click here to listen on your iPhone or iPad
Widowspeak – “Harsh Realm”
Widowspeak – “Puritan”
Widowspeak – “Burnout”


Original Post: Band of the Day 1.6.11

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Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #6 Best Coast

21 Dec

Best Coast - Hanging with Ronnie and the Hummingbird Award

Best New Bands of 2010 Hummingbird Award: #6

Bethany Cosentino is Best Coast and she makes me feel good inside. We fell in love with her back in April. She can grind it out on her electric guitar, or break your heart with her vocals. Think Jenny Lewis with a vendetta to crush you. Her album was one of the best of the year and her summer track “All Summer” for Converse with Kid Cudi is our #1 track of the year. She will be here for a long, long time. Crazy For You is instantly likable and a good album, I love it as much as I did back in June. It’s definitely lasted the test of time. It’s shocking that 2010 was her debut year. We love you Beth and we’re so happy that you were our first BOD @New.Band.Day

Hometown: Eagle Rock, CA (Los Angeles)
Members: Bethany Cosentino
Sonic Soulmates: Jenny Lewis, Surf Rock and the sounds of a bad break-up
Track of the Year:
“All Summer” – Watching the video makes this even better. Who’d uv thunk that a TV commercial would bring the song of the year. Kid Cudi and Beth together the greatest XX/XY duo.

“Boyfriend” – When she’s by herself, you’ve gotta love the grind. Another Top 10 track of 2010.


Original BOD: 6.22.10

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